Throw your best toilet poetry at me. I have a small one to start.
I suck, but hey, examples :P

Here i sit
Taking a shit
The cheeks of my butt i spread
I had some very nice garlic bread
My poop is floating, my poop is brown
I watch it suffer, i watch it drown

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    Here I sit broken hearted,
    Tried to shit, but I farted
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    They can try to silence my pen
    But the toilet poet strikes again
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    I got a whole fucking document just for this hold on
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    Here I sit and hesitate, shall I shit or masturbate.

    Here I sit, broken hearted, came to shit but only farted, later on, took my chance, came to fart, but shat my pants.

    I sit again, in these cold halls, the toilet water just touched my balls.

    Till I find a girl that I can date, I will just watch porn and mastrubate.

    I joined college to get a degree and graduate, but all I do now is eat and hibernate.
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    I love this XD
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    Yo yo yo toilet rapper in the house

    Here I sit and contemplate my existence.
    As shit flows out of me with little resistance.
    It's diarrhea.
    I'll be like bye bye see ya,
    As I run to the loo
    Tryin to hold my poo
    Subliminal ass fuck,
    I dump this shit like a garbage truck.
    Fireworks like the fourth of July.
    I can barely stay alive
    Fuck the free world.

    *Drops mic runs to the loo*
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    @RAZERZ i love that line
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