It must be exhausting for people in 2018 to always be on the hunt for something to be outraged or offended about.

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    We have a guide:

    Get something that most people know.

    Find a dumbass argument (like it’s outdated, slow, ugly, do not understand it (coz I am a fucking moron))

    And voilà
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    I guess it's effortless when everything in the word offends you
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    Agreed. But there is a difference between not being politically correct (which i support because you cant tell me that i cant say something just because you think you own a culture or bouhou it makes you feel sad) and being an ignorant mother fucker.
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    Buddy you kinda became part of the circle with that rant...
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    @R5on11c no I didn’t. It’s an observation. I’m not saying I’m offended or outraged by anything.
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    Well you evidently felt emotional enough about it to be vocal about it. That heavily implies that you want other people to share this moral judgement.
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    I live in 2018 and I am offended from this
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    @R5on11c now now. Almost sounds like you’re offended by rant.

    There there snowflake.
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    @SSDD nigga pls, i am really not on that kind of spectrum. You just seem to have this urge of approval.
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