Don't cha just love it when you download your "native" desktop application to host a meeting, only to find out its actually a wrapper around a browser?

How did I find out? Well I innocently tried to drag and drop an image to share, only to have the browser open and render that file instead of uploading it, killing the application it was running behind it, closing the meeting for everyone on it ... and not even be able to access a back button to re-open the session.

viva la hybrid!

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    when you're too lazy to do a proper app :3
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    Nowadays programmers do not know what an algorithm is, they don't understand complexity, memory management, the binary system nor basic math.
    All they do is write 100% declarative JavaScript code using a framework built upon another framework which in it's place is built on jQuery and a prebuilt template which takes 290MB as an empty project and consumes 1.6GB of RAM to display the welcome message.
    This then is written while avoiding each and every of the best practices and then finally its being ported to a browser wrapper.

    And here you go - a simple chat application consumes 4GB of your memory, has weird CSS bugs and crashes like Win95.

    At least the lazy kids have careers :)
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