Once a recruiter called me

Recruiter: Hi, We are looking for an Android developer with n+ years of experience

Me: Umm ok. Actually I am not a full fledged native Android developer, but I can work on hybrid platform where we can create an App for Android using Web Technologies like html and javascript

Recruiter : ohh I will talk to our tech team and get back to you

Me: Sure. Thank you

-Next day-

Recruiter : so you can create an Android application right

Me: yes but using web technologies not JAVA

Recruiter : ok your interview is scheduled on x date and you will get an email

Me: ok cool. Thanks

-Interview day-

Interviewer : so lets start with the technical round, tell me what are Fragments

Me: :| i know what is a Fragment but I am not a native developer but Hybrid application developer like in phonegap - cordova using javascript

Interviewer: ohh but our App is in native Android and native IOS

Me: da faq :| (why the fuck did you call me then)

Interviewer : nice meeting you man

Me: :|||

- Next day same Recruiter again called me-

Recruiter : So how was your Interview?

Me: Actually they are looking for native developer, i told you i dont work on native

Recruiter : So your interview WENT BAD!

ME: What da FUCK :||||||

-Again same day after sometime-

Recruiter : So can you make Apps for IOS?

Me: What the fuckin fuck... :|||||||¦

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    Just true 😂
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    atleast you got calls.i didnt even got a single call after 1st technical round...how bad that was.
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    Man you have 'captain' in your name :D

    Dont worry - keep trying

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    yeahh sure and thanks man for motivation@SD010
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    Before even talking to a recruiter ask them a rudimentary technical question. I'm a java dev so I ask them what an object is in the context of oo, if they give a reasonable answer talk to them if not just say no kids.

    They are working with technical people they should know at least something vaguely technical.
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    same thing happened to me to.
    interviewer could not understand how JavaScript code works inside android 😜😝😜😝
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    A lot of recruiters also think that JavaScript = Java...
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    That recruiter is wasting your time. There are good ones out there. Probe them for the full requirements before going on the interview. Good luck.
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