“Only Internet Explorer supports exporting data from QuickBooks”


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    *fake user agent to Internet Explorer*
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    only supports Internet Explorer in version 1.4, 2.1 or 2.6
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    But... but... Linux?!

    I F🤬🤬CKING AHTE THOSE SITES ,,, THAT IS THE WORSE IDEA I’VE SEEN!!! I HELPED MY DIABETIC GRANDFATHER GET HIS STUFF (THE COMPANY HAS A WEBSITE TO ORDER IT), AND IT SAID SOMETHING LIKE: “Your browser could not work because it could block a functionality needed (because it is a secure browser), please use Internet Explorer because it does not block our functionality (because it is an unsecure browser) (because we just assume you’re using Windows, while you’re not) (because we think you are too dumb to just click ok if a popup comes up)” AND I JUST CLICKED “Ignore” AND IT F🤬CKING WORKED WITHOUT A PROBLEM!!!!!!
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