So this happened around 3 years ago in college.

Some software was missing on a random PC in college, so the professor asked this girl, to copy it to that PC since its the only one the setup file.

The solutions are many here, but what this girl did made me and 2 others ragequit the room.

She right clicked copy, unplugged the mouse, plugged in the other PC and tried clicking paste.

I facepalmed so hard, I almost broke my nose that day.

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    Saw some random video like that on the internet, if what you're telling is the truth then man that's unbelievably hilarious.
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    @aitkotw oh it is the truth, the level of dumbness you find at first year in any tech related studies is just WOW !
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    Technically, that is possible.

    Not an easy feat and certainly not universally supported though.
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    @lotd yeah, but not when the mouse have that iconic ball !
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    @VomBa ah, perhaps.
    It could be a retro model :D

    Those balls make pretty good use in table football & tennis :p
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    that made my day! 😂😂😂
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    Just wow...
    I think this is the worst action I ever heard of
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    In the first lab session for my Computer Science degree, we had to go through some steps in a leaflet to get ourselves accustomed to the computers

    The first step was to turn the computer on

    I mean, if you actually need a leaflet to tell you to do that, then you might want to reconsider your choice of course...
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    I saw people turning on their PC by using the powerbutton of their monitor, so ... ;-)
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    This would be a crazy cool feature for a mouse! Also crazy security flaw, but hey!
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    @aitkotw I saw that video too. Makes me want to question the authenticity of this rant.
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    Plot twist: she unplugged the bluetooth dongle of a wireless mouse, thinking it was a USB stick. Not *that* dumb :D
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    @vlatkozelka the difference is these guys will graduate...
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    ...now I want a mouse that can do this.
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    In my anecdote the girl still used the pendrive, the catch was she copied the shortcut icon from desktop instead of the setup
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    That could actually be a cool product, a mouse that copies to a internally stored drive and can paste the file or text on another computer. Project idea anyone?
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