So I've got a Linux related job (or, starting at monday). When people ask me what my new position is called, I'll of course tell! Well, I stutter sometimes in my native language. Especially with the letter L.

"so what's your new position?"
*mother of god*
"Llllllllllll-llllllllllllllllllll-lllllllinux support engineer!"

"Hey man, you got a new job I heard, what's your new position?"
*please work*
"Lllllllll-lllllllllllllllllllinux support engineer!"

"ey dude, what's your new position? Heard you got a new job!"
*alright let's do this better*
"gonna do stuff with servers and customer service!"
"Ah cool! What system do they run on their servers?"

No. 😑

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    I struggle with the letter R sometimes.

    I'm so freaking excited for you, though β€πŸ€—
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    @linuxxx my roommate had major stuttering problem. So the solution he applied was when he knows that he will stutter he starts the word and then suddenly opens his mouth wide (due to this he doesn't stop) and continue the rest of his word.
    In your case it could be Lllll😡nuxxx.. its might sound LIANUX but they will get the idea and you will not stop....
    Just a suggestion.
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    @runfrodorun Nope I'm Dutch and do live in The Netherlands!
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    @QueenMorgana D'awh must suck as well! It's only in Dutch though, hardly stutter in english!
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    @runfrodorun Could do a quick Norway vacation though maybe....
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    @linuxxx that's oddly fascinating. I wonder why...
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    @ThatDude see, having it in both languages makes more sense, at least to my logic. I honestly want to look into why only 1 language for L.
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    @linuxxx I am German so I sometimes hear Dutch, but you guys over there don't use the L? πŸ€”
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    @ctwx Yeah we do a lot :/
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    I can't speak in pretty much any language. My brain and my mouth are running two completely different systems, and can only communicate through binary smoke signals interpreted by an archaic but knowledgeable tortoise named Frank, and his trusty sidekick: le Commodore.

    Doesn't really do me much good in interviews or presentations, but makes life interesting.
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    @runfrodorun Also, congrats on 10K!
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    Looks like @linuxxx was supposed to be @lllinux
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    Meanwhile in japan... "Konichiwa karewa Ru-ru-rrr-ruru-RINUX-u supot-o."
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    @ThatDude @QueenMorgana
    I feel for you guys, but just be happy you don't need to learn how to pronounce Czech Ř.. 😏
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    Or you can be a smart ass and say precise when people ask you what you're running, tell them instead of Linux, we run some Debians, couple of RHELs etc..
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    @linuxxx so your nick should be llllllinux not the other way around!? πŸ˜‚ Also sorry if inappropriate joke, a friend of mine stutters and he is ok with us to joke in his presence cuz it shows him he is one of us and that it's not a big deal..also if we/something pisses him off enough he yells without stutter! ;) Might help to yell at people how awesome job you have? ;)
    Also congratz on the new job!!! Best of luck!
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    @myss similar to rΕΎ?? xD
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    @ThatDude πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Not "boku wa r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-RINAKSU supo-to?"
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    @sladuled Oh yeah I can yell my ass off without stuttering! I only have it with words starting with specific letters or letter combinations though :). I don't stutter much except for that but I am actually thankful when people finish my words/sentences xD. It just saves me the trouble! And also joking about it is fine for me :P
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    Do a heavy asian accent and try to see if you can get away with "ninux".
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    Maybe you should be called lllinux instead
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    @Mitch377 Yup dutchie here as well :)
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    @flexy welcome muchies!
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    Nice man :D well I need to hurry and find mine then x)
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    Support engineer for systems similar to Unix
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    I'm Russian, I speak English for a couple years already (that's a lot for Russians) and I still can't pronounce R
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