The place where I work part time, my role is to teach children how to code basic things in python, html and CSS.
There's a child who's been coming to this club for the past year, she's only 8 and is smarter than any other child I've seen in person.
Turns out both her parents are developers which is why she has an interest in coding too. It's so refreshing to see things like these, honestly. I hope my child in the future is like her lol.

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    My old company ran a code wars event, and all the kids who came were in their very early teens. All were development nuts, and they had been taught some basic languages at school, they were so crazy about programming. I know the feeling, and now I have my own business I've offered most of them short internships. One of the kids is now 17, and I've watched him grow from an amateur dev into someone I'd hire at the drop of a hat. Fortunately, he wants to follow my lead and build a company of his own, that feels pretty special.
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    @monr0e I find it so nice to see younger people get involved in programming related tasks. It's also really nice to see how they grow over time, just refreshing overall.
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    I am a member of local organization for space activities so we usually have a tent at science fairs and tech fairs and it's so encouraging to see kids and younger folk be truly passionate about science and technology. Also makes me worry because they are all like three times smarter than me :D
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