So I want to watch Olympics events on TV but apparently need a premium cable channel not in my package (NBC-SN).

BUT I can use my cable login to stream it online and in the NBC Sports app

AND the app supports Chromecast internally

In the end I still get to watch on my TV but... Why all this trouble....

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    I was gonna say if you don't have an account to watch it, I know a few good websites to stream it for free lol.

    My school's wifi doesn't support Chromecast, so I have an old laptop and an HDMI chord. Old school, but works. 🤷
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    Guess its different departments handling different platforms and they came to different decisions.
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    @jhh2450 yes that's the usual way at school if you want to use a study room TV. Technically you shouldn't even be booking the room for that but... It's empty on Sundays anyway...

    But I mean it's strange you need a cable account for the site but the cable TV On Demand service says your need to pay more for access...

    And yes if I really wanted to I could get it but I Just tv surfing.. watch an event for 20mins... Move on...
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    Pshht I do that in my apartment bedroom. Watching movies on it lol

    Idek if our study rooms have TVs. I'm sure some do, I just hardly go to the library to study.
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