So I did a rookie mistake this week. Connected a webapp for a client using Nginx and installed the SSL cert for the site. I decided to activate the firewall of the server because hey security. All was well. Went home feeling like I am the shit.

Next day I find out I can't log in to the server over ssh. Only to find out that I had forgotten to allow SSH through the firewall.

I had basically locked myself out of the server. 😞

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    Haha done this myself. Luckily it was with a hosting provider that has a console-to-rdp gateway running, phew!
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    Yeah silly shit like that we All done
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    we've all done that so many times it's basically a right of passage 😂
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    @kurtr im not sure keeping ssh at port 22 is wise tho :p
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    @lotd lol that's why on my production server ssh runs on port 666.
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    @kurtr 911 here :)
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    @f7u12 No No, inside_job and when im home, outside_job
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    @divil I actually don't really know. But it seems so
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    Update. Since the client had hardly used the software and wanted a change in domain. I just decided to reinstall the server. Fixed everything. Client happy, I am happy. :-)
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