My dad has been using android for about 4-5 years now. I just showed him how the notification drop down works.

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    My mother used her iPhone 4 until recently. I had to tell her last year that she can focus the camera on something by tapping on the screen. She started complaining about all the photos turning out blurry, and for all these years it seems she got enough lucky snapshots to be satisfied.

    Well, then again she's blind to many issues and completely immune to lag. I mean that old iPhone sometimes took 5 seconds to react to an input and she didn't complain even once. I would have gone insane.
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    @matt961 true. Android 8.0 has them. Finally. Such a basic feature!

    Of course, custom launchers etc. provided this functionality years ago, but most people don't want that.
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    @matt961 great phone! I remember 8.0 was promised for it. Can't be too much longer until release, I hope for you.
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