Started using longer passphrases for logins, colleague starts to tell people I'm doing bad things because"no one needs a password that long"

I get reprimanded by my boss

How the hell does this even happen smh

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    Force them to use over 40% special characters, ban dictionary words and do forced resets every 7 days for security reasons.
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    Oh my god
    Look at that password
    It is so big
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    If I was your boss, I'd be sacking that 'colleague' !

    And giving you a payrise.

    I wonder what the password length limit is..

    Sometimes, you can set a password longer than you can then enter it later on. :-)
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    @Nanos oh my god, I was signing up for something online yesterday and I had to enter a password and a confirm password. My password of choice was 16 characters long but I kept getting a "passwords do not match" error. After five minutes, several refreshes and lots of shouting, I realised that the confirm password field had a 15 character limit but the password field didn't. One character was being omitted each time lol
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    Woah, dude, sorry your boss is a dick
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    My password is 30 characters long and whenever I type it, people freak out.
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    @gorsamp omg! Becky, look at that butt
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    I notice a fair few sites no one seems to bother checking these quality control issues.

    I sometimes stumble across one that lets me enter say a 20 digit password, and then complains when its more than 8 characters long..

    Another gotcha is you enter a capital letter, but its stored lowercase. :-)

    Another one, is usernames are stored lowercase only.
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    @Nanos I really hate sites that enforce a special character. None of my passwords have a special character as its not a common request, so I just add and exclamation mark to my password lol
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    Years later when your eyesight gets worse, you will misread that as a 1 or an l.. :-)

    I had terrible trouble the other day misreading VV as a W !

    Damn fonts !
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    Special character thing reminds me of a place I used to work and someone managed to type their name into an English system in Japanese..

    It all came out as HEX, but a quick google told me what it was.

    Then someone at work said, how would we know which customer was it was if we didn't understand Japanese.

    Let me guess, there is only one customer in the room who is Japanese, perhaps its him. :-)
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    my passwords are 64 characters long, they are useless in most cases because websites have 8, 16 or 20 character limit so I use different parts of one password for multiple sites
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    I remember once asking someone why their passwords was limited to 8 characters.

    They told me, it was to save space on the HD..

    So, how many billions of users do they need for it to cost an extra Gb of space..
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    @Nanos which means they store them in plaintext... 🤢
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    @ribchinski Do you only have one password? 0.o
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    @aaxa no, I have like a dozen
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    @ribchinski Oh okay good. I just got worried there 😅
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    @aaxa some people think that one password is enough
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    @Nanos ranting about the real issues :D
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    @ribchinski I know. That's what worried me
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    “well i don’t mind the CIA and GCHQ looking into everything i do if there’s nothing to hide!”
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