My love for web development has come to an end, I'm no longer enjoying it but sadly I can't just get up and leave work 🤷‍♂️

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    No you still love it. You just hate doing it as a job.
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    @skprog that is more than likely it, I'm just in a super massive burn out period
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    I thought this once. Ended up quitting my job, then realised in was definitely the job and not web development I was no longer enjoying.
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    Moving from backend (after 2 years) to frontend in the early stage of my career. You made me depressed :(
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    I found that I like to do programming when it's a project that helps people and not just enables them. So less e-commerce and more application dev.
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    Take a break and rest!
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    How could this happen?
    It's valentine coming..
    Take care yourself :D
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