I was part of shortlisting committee for workshop happening soon.

So I wrote a script to rank the entries according the answers given to particular question.

There was particular question asking " link for thier social presence?"
Guess what more than 60% ppl wrote as LinkedIn, github, stackoverflow..etc !!! instead of giving the URL.

So I thought of ranking these ppl low, out of frustration, and modified my algorithm such that if those were entries ,rank lower, but my algo failed for one entry which had linkedln as the entry and my algo Did not rank him down.
After 1 hr of debugging found that entry had spelling mistake it was spelled as Linked"L"n.(font was not able to differentiate)

F*** that guy !

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    Did you know I typed linkedLn in the post! How many of u guys figured it out before reading this !
    please comment
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    I didn't. XD
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