I know we agreed to stop the Windows 10 rants, but this fucker just crapped itself 20-ish minutes before a live video production. Had to run to the other building and steal a computer from the folks in the studio because this one would no longer boot.

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    Hardware issue? What actually happened. I'm super interested, we do quite a bit of fun video stuff with Premiere and running Win10 Insider's.. Never had an issue.
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    few hours before a live broadcast. took a brand new blackmagic audio embedder out of the box. spent about three hours trying to work out why I wasn't getting sound, turned out the jack inserts on it were just shit.

    so yeah: fuck blackmagic.
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    I always carry a live usb stick, useful to avoid using Windows, or when Windows crash
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    @intromatt we had productions two days in a row. The first day, we got this message in the photo. We figured it wouldn't try to update automatically because 1) updates were disabled and 2) we didn't even have an Internet connection. How wrong we were...
    After finishing up the first day, we had to shut everything down for the night because our setup was drawing a good 1000W even when idle and we really didn't want it to catch fire.
    I did a proper shutdown and turned off the power so it couldn't have started up on its own.
    Next morning, it was stuck in a loop. boot-crash-recovery-repeat.
    My best guess is that either it turned itself on and started an update in the time it took me to kill the power (maybe a minute) or it had an update queued up but forgot to tell me about it (there was no "update and power off" button).
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    @-vim- Unfortunately, Blackmagic's bullshit software (separate rant comming soon) only runs on Windows.
    After this, however, I'm seriously considering learning proper C++ so I can get this shit running in Wine.
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    @franga2000 Windows 10 is fucking nuts with this "you can't turn me off", I literally can't turn of my grandma's PC(I am basically the tech support and sys admin for her, full-time, no joke), I disabled every wake up method in UEFI, disabled WOL both in UEFI and in Windows, deleted all "rtc alarms", "tasks" and other shit and it still turns on 15 minutes after turning off... all by itself! I once unpluggd everything but the monitor, power and the hdd, it still fucking turned on! And the best part is it turns on even if it does not have anything to do... 😒😡 (no it is not malware, I scanned everything for rootkits and stuff like that twice, Windows itself is the virus)
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    @D3add3d I have the same situation, but with my mother (I got my grandmother on Linux 😁). I took her PC out from under the desk and now she just turns off the PSU every night.
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