1. Go to office!
2. Make coffee!!
3. Start computer.
4. Get to wo.."Windows must restart in order to install some updates".
4. 3 hours later => "Working on updates 68% n/ Don't turn off your PC. This will take a while."
4. Fuck this, I'm going home.

I miss Linux...

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    would have restarted that pc if it takes longer than 20min

    now youre just using it as an excuse
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    Pentium 4 🤔
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    @zemaits I did that once. Had to reinstall windows
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    Dual boot, live boot with persitance, single boot linux with windows in virtual machine.

    You have options.
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    How about keeping the work pc on so it can maintenance itself when you're not around?
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    5. "Windows was unable to install the updates, undoing changes..."
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    @Biggy no. Just an old fx-4300 and 7200 rpm hdd. This is the first time it took this long.
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    Do you mean "\n" not "n/"?
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    Windows sucks:)
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    @retnikt good catch
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    Absolutely agree man. Manjaro feels like a dream after an 8 hour work day with shitty win10 and the only win access is through terminal :(
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    Any chance to get nux installed on your workstation? Worked for me
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    A coworker got a new laptop with Windows 10 pre-installed. He installed dual boot Ubuntu 18.04.

    I told him that Windows will format his Linux partition someday soon during an update.
    He didn't believe me.

    Today it happened.

    He lost all his data, configuration and precious work time. Also yes, he had no backups.
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    But it’s a catch 22: can’t deal with make errors without coffee
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