Decided I'm going to tell my boss I'm no longer going to do wordpress.

It all started innocently, like helping someone find an option or something, but now I have to write plugins...
Not part of the deal.

I've also got 0 motivation to go to work since starting this shitty project. I used to want to go to work and looked forward to helping out, but this is just soul numbing.

Let's see how that goes (either tomorrow or Wednesday).

I'll let you guys know if I get fired :p

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    Been there, aaaaannd.. got fired with mutual respect. They always seem to make bad choices based on buzzwords...
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    @1989 yeah, for a junior dev, 2,5 years of experience looking for a part-time job shouldn't be hard :)
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    @xewl "fired with mutual respect" how does that work?
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    Who gives a shit, you agreeed on doing x y z, if they fire you go for someone else don't care about them bro, you didn't easily earn your knowledge and it shouldn't be free unless it's like a tiny help for someone stuck and not writing plugins for free
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    @gitpush not writing for free tho, I'm working there part-time so I do get paid, it's just that it was never mentioned in the past two years that I'd be doing wordpress bs lol
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    @FMashiro I got fired, and I agreed because I asked to be? I got a non-destructive reason on my papers and am still doing jobs for them which are mostly not wp related. That's how that works ;)
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    @FMashiro increase in responsibility = increase in the damn payment :)
    That's how it should go from my point of view 😀
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    Wait. Doesn’t that mean you’re walking away? They’re not firing you right?
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    @iamkrid I mean, they could fire me for refusing to work on the thing
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    @FMashiro or you just walk away from the company, leaving the project and the company for your interests!

    That’s what you find in most of the inspirational movies, you see.
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    @iamkrid not in a movie, but if I have to I will. :)
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    @FMashiro I understand how soul numbing that job must be.
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    Dude. I am in the same situation. I have no motivation to do wordpress at all. I like php and laravel. But wordpress hooks actions themes admindashboard all those shit sucks.
    Leaving this job after my vacation. Life is too short to be doing wordpress. I just simply don't like it.
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    So how did this work out?
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