naming servers >>>>> naming variables

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    naming servers != naming variables.

    Get a grip man ._.
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    @R5on11c am i missing something? to me this looks like itäs saying naming servers is extremely > than naming variables. or is there some lang were >>>>> means equality?
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    It's 2 copletly different things, you can't compare naming servers to naming variables.
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    @R5on11c but... the name of a server is actually a variable... xD
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    Most days I feel like naming things takes up more of my brainpower than anything else
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    I just name my servers "server01" "server02" and so on... 🤔
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    @kolaente you also name your variables: variable01,variable02 or do you store them in one gigantic array?
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    I have strong opinions about this, this blog entry is a good reference for that.

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    @romangraef no, actually not, I try hard to find names for variables 😬😬😂😂

    Its just way easier and not so important for servers.
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