So I've forgot to share with all of ya our first !!!SUCCESSFUL!!! GGJ Game!
Its called "Communism Overload" and its super hardcore.
LINK: https://goo.gl/b2t9A8
Things you should know:
1. Its 2 players ONLY(You wont win alone)
2. You will break your keyboard
3. Only handful of ppl have successfully finished it.
4. There was one guy that managed to finish it alone and it took him a lot of time to master the skill of sync keyboard breaking!
5. Some ppl say that the instructions are unclear and they manage to stick their heads in toilets, so I'm attaching a small GIF of explanation.
6. This game gave us a new meaning in life, so its surely, not the last one.
7. Everything in this game, except for the music is my teams hard work. Every image\animation\line of code.
8. Me and my teammates would be freaking glad to hear you thoughts on this game (MADE IN JUST 48 HOURS)

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