Apart from having a baby which is the hardest in the world,i think the hardest project is to learn to code.

I studied philosophy and anthropology but gamed a lot. Me and a good mate decided to work together and he told me hed teach me coding.

The guy is a genius but he is a reckless rebel genius who tells everybody to fuck off.

So,after 1 year in a half of intense coding where i had to learn linux, networks, and im not shitting you html and css as well and of course javascript.

He has now put me on, for the last 2 month, in charge of our front end backoffice. I have to design forms that do the right http requests,do the unit testing, play with redux-form, react-redux and he has thrown me into the basic java backend so i can begin working with entites and how i serve the data and link it to the database and even create tables.

Every time i fail hemakes me remake everything.

I actually came on devrant to study the dev community (i always gamed a lot but this is a whole different community). The dev community is pretty awesome and unique.

Anyhow, i remember when i saw him as me to complete an exercise and i didnt event know which words were the reserved language ones and those i could use myself. It was like fucking magic.

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    He sounds like a good teacher
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    @SSDD yeave its not the first time i being up this story but its a 2year old one and its evolving a lot. I regret not having had a fun tutorial when iwas 14 and tried python for the first time.

    After having declared 2 strings it showed me i couldt make a sentence. I was like wtf? I wanted to learn to hack. So i stopped.
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    Learning to code is hard because it's equal mixes of theory and accepted practice, it's dry as all hell and if you're not good at it, the results won't be exciting.

    People talk about learning to code at 12, but my 12 year old self didn't have the discipline or maturity to stare at documentation all day and read on computer theory and algorithms. I wanted to ride my bike and pretend and watch cartoons.

    Coding can be super rewarding, but you have to be mature enough to understand why it is, and to go through the process of learning and not beating yourself up when things don't work. Coding well IS hard. Anyone that's just god tier naturally and thinks it's not can suck an egg, normal people struggle for years learning.
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