Being a developer is hard

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    A dev actually do the last two images.. Not just search for ready solutions
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    @Fantomias we search is also used to find documentation, answers to problems, general information, etc.
    Not just 'readu solutions'

    Reading is the one thing we so best.
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    @Fantomias There is another possible thing you can do if picture 3 and 4 don't work:

    Think about the problem
    if outcome <> solution then do
    set the room on 🔥;
    leave the building;
    pretend you've worked on this project
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    @kin@Kinky-Code Set the room on fire... Never though about it! I will.do it the best time Google and Stack overflow don't give me a straight answer!
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    It's my all-time favourite dictum at work when things don't work out well.

    "Burn it and leave" ^^
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    What I really do: STUCKoverflow
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