When you want to develop android apps but forever banned from publishing on Google Play for impersonating yourself...

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    What happened???? Full story right now. @Nivlagx
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    @ThaOneDude alright let's see.

    About 3 years ago i made a really really basic android app that pulls content from my blog with a chat functionality.

    Published on app store.

    Got a warning stating that I'm impersonating the blogger as our names didn't match.

    I use my real name for Google play and an alias for my blog.

    Unfortunately the person I was trying to explain to (and the one that sent the warning) was a bot...

    And it took down my app, banned me, and in the email it said something like: "you are banned for life", "this is an automated email, do not reply"

    I did some research and apparently it's a common thing.
    Some tried making another account but if you use any details from your last account (name, address, bank) they'll find you and ban you. 😢
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    So yeah... Thinking of starting a mini business just so I can publish apps under those details.

    Or invest in apple products and start publishing on the Apple store.

    But they all costs money.
    Can barely pay for my Azure servers as it is lol
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    Pay or ask somebody you know to setup a clevvermail, use said clevvermail in playstore registration and publishing step, done.
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    @JoshBent does that also cover bank number?
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    @Nivlagx that covers post address, bank is bit more tough, but I think they allow other ways of payout too iirc which dont require a name from the system directly?
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    @JoshBent oh? Might give it a shot then...
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    @Nivlagx please check it first before attempting, I don't want to be the reason you got jailed by google 😉
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    @JoshBent I blame you! 😂
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    Did you try getting in touch with google over their communities?
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    Theres no way this cant be sorted out with a simple support query
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