It's also my only finished project so far: an alarm clock
Made for ~2 days, because I couldn't get up on time.
Currently flashes light into your eyes and buzzes with a piezo crystal and has wifi

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    Did a pretty terrible soldering job, though
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    Since the question is about the stpry of it, here's my desk after finishing
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    Looks great! I like it!
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    Have you uploaded source code to github or anywhere else? Because I'm planning a similar project.
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    I just read this polyphasic sleep tag, are you a polyphasic sleeper? I think this so just so cool, I always wanted to reduce my sleeping time. But damn school has times that don't work for multiple sleep cycles.
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    My solution was to link a coffee maker to on remote outlet to my homeautomation ( homeassistant)
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    There ain't no engineering like over engineering 🤣
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    I love to get my hands dirty with the nodeMCU although I don't think working against natural sleeping patterns is a good idea long term.

    Try to hook up your node with mqtt, so you can set your clock comfortably via a simple one line command over WiFi.
    Why? just because you can 😂
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    Haha I love the idea of waking yourself up with a blinding light.
    I should try something like that, linking it up with a coffee machine is a good idea too - give yourself a reason to stay out of bed after the alarms off.
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    @lucaIO I'm not a polyphasic sleeper, but I'm thinking about it, for March. You don't really have to do 6 times 20 minutes, you can also design one that suits your school time; make it so you get most sleep before and after school 😀; Btw do you think anyone would have a use for the source code? Can upload it if you want it.

    @fuzzyT I am currently using a bash one-liner to start 60 seconds of flashing. I didn't have much time to explore new services; Bought 3 NodeMCU's, didn't know what to do with them. Why? Just because I can (it was really home automation, though)

    @GeaRSiX You should definely try it out! You can probably also add another lamp, because (at least for me) I never tend to sleep on one side.
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    Wifi - a must have for every alarm clock. But it also needs Bluetooth. Everything is better with Bluetooth
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    @Mitiko I would have use for the source code if you have used deepsleep function. Because this is where it gets complicated.
    I wanted to try out the Everyman or a triphasic cycle but as far as I know should every phase be equally timed. But I'm not sure. Please tell me if your polyphasic sleep experiment works, I'm very curious.
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    *recalls piezo pressure sensor math and cries*
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    Everything in 2018 needs WiFi
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    I want to do polyphasic sleeping where do I mail u ?
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    @funvengeance mitkonsa@gmail.com
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