Nice, my parts have shipped! Now to wait

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    I'm slightly concerned about what you try to do with those parts...
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    @j4cobgarby I don't know what this will be but I have the feeling that the idea came from a "hold my beer" - moment. Am I right? Also is the motor supposed to turn the wheel? If so, why a servo?
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    @jobylie I ordered the parts after creating a virtual 3d model - to plan how it'll all fit together.
    The "servo" motor is in fact a DC motor, disguised in a servo motor body, since its nice and small, and makes it easier to mount and attach wheels :)
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    @j4cobgarby I should have read the text ^^
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    @jobylie easy mistake to make though, since it does look identical
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    @Condor seems like good advice, I can't comment on that because I don't do a huge amount of electronics
    However, I needed some specific components sold by adafruit, all of which the pi hut sells
    Not only That, but when I bought the components they had a sale on, so I got them all fairly cheap
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