Had an onsite at Google.

After a couple of days recruiter told me to try in 6 months to a year again.

It sucks that feeling.

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    Dude, be happy you got that far.
    I’ve resigned myself that I won’t work for AmaGoogBookSoft.
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    Woot! Still awesome!

    @bkwilliams Don't give up.
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    Got further than I did! Chin up 😉
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    I feel you bro. This happened to me right after college. After several months, they reached out to me again about the same position being opened and that if I'm still interested it, I should just resubmit my application. But I was proud of myself for making it that far since it was my first technical interview. But i wish you all the best next time. 👍
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    Thank you all
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