So opinions: should a software engineer get certifications? I mean, to me they seem like pointless wastes of money, but my coworkers don't seem to think so. I design and write code, why do I need MCSD or whatever? Follow up, if you feel they are useful: which ones and why?

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    I agree with you, but hr does love to see certificates...
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    In whole my career I have learned that the higher degree you have the worse developer you become (of course there are exceptions, like from every rule). All PHDs I have meet were pure theorists that lost any connection with real world and real problems.
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    It helps to make you stand out from the crowd. I try to get all the certificates offered in school, since they are more cheaper there. And for fun. :)
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    @fonfi hmmm I dunno about that. PhDs sure, because their degree is all about research and whatnot. (And Joel Spolsky feels the same.) But I don't see that from a dev with a Master's. At least if they didn't go research track.

    @1989 it's funny cuz one of the comments on your post says having a cert won't hurt you, but I have read about some hiring managers passing on candidates because they got programming certs after getting a programming degree.
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