Just gotta love random hibernation wake ups, went sleep on time in like a year, fell asleep quick and then my fucking 3 monitors turn on and the fucking pc woke up, for no fucking reason, blasting equal of 4 suns into my eyes.

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    @teganburns yep windows
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    You can see the cause of the wakeup in the system log.
    For my case, it was always either a USB controller (keyboard) or VBoxService or something (I put it to sleep with a virtual machine running sometimes, and it won't stay asleep).

    Eliminate the problem and you're good.
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    I also had this problem and I think it was because of fucking updates.
    Turns out if you don't set the update times to something reasonable Windows 10 might boot up your PC randomly in the middle of the night to install updates.

    Because apparently the updates were still too enjoyable, now they're also taking your sleep.
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    @irene I actually did with both my mouse,keyboard and any peripherals basically

    @Craziness its not that extreme for me, thankfully

    @AndSoWeCode yeah I should check that, I had deactivated some time ago even things like vmware waking up, then updates etc. even any "wakeup timers" so I wonder what the fuck it was this time

    @deadlyRants that I have deactivated already, it has to be something else
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    Fortunately my monitors have a power button 😁
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    @aaxa mine do too, but I dont use them, since my computer stays hibernated usually.
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    I know I'll get hate but can anyone tell me why I can't seem to be able to use the standBy/hibernate function properly on any Linux distro I've use? #itsNotYouItsMe
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    @securiter ubuntu based distros usually get it right, even on weird laptops
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    @JoshBent I am a noob and I have tried many ubuntu based distros (bout 4 of them) and even though I do not have a ssd, the recovery, when that even happens is very slow, I'll probably shift my desktop ssd to my laptop, get a fresh ubuntu install and try my luck again. While I am new to Linux OS' I can say they are prett cool but this is the one thing that got me like: How is this still not 100% operational in 2018.
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