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    I'm not very familiar with Electron, but i THINK it lets you write javascript desktop applications by wrapping them in a browser, that you can install locally? So its basically a desktop hybrid solution?

    If thats correct, then the picture in the post is talking about a hybrid tool that turns one language into another, so that it can run another hybrid tool??

    Seriously hybrid inception going on here. Really really against such a convoluted approach to writing an application. Can only imagine the impact on CPU and RAM with so many libraries, compilers etc
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    I thought i posted about it before.
    It uses bridge.net, converts c# to js, you can use it to make websites and browser extensions as well.
    I've messed with it a bit and it works great.
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    @practiseSafeHex (no comment
    )@nptr Yay!
    @exelix Looks so!
    @DevilInside **crossplatformluresme**
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    @DevilInside it doesn't limit you to desktop apps, you can use it to make web apps that work on any platform (and make them standalone with electron).
    To test it i recently made a web app and as expected it works on my phone as well.
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