What to do when your PC becomes slow as fuck after one of those windows 10 updates?

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    Get linux
    (Inb4 someone gets triggered)
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    This doesn't happen. Windows 10 updates do not slow your computer down. These shitposts need to stop.
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    @intromatt correction, they don't happen to you
    Clearly if so many people say it happens, it probably happens, right? For old computers maybe
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    (My inb4 was fulfilled :))
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    Sounds like an old computer but even then....an update would not actually slow your computer down...at most it would actually speed it up (Microsoft has released quite a number of performance enhancing patches for Windows 10 in the last year).@j4cobgarby
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    @intromatt excuse me, but a window update once fucked my Nvidia driver which caused regular crashes without BSOD. Yesterday, after an update, I finally got a Bluescreen and fixed it.
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    @intromatt you haven't checked all computers in the world to say that it doesn't happen, so please take a seat.
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    @PrivateGER that's crazy, my computer screen also went completely blank after that update as well
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