Most hilarious bug I found in Windows 10. 😂😂😂

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    okay that's it, Microsofts done
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    Nah, not done. Where to play all my games, then? Consoles?!
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    MS be trolling...
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    Would it accept the password if you had a mouse with a numpad on it? :D
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    morse code ?
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    @DarkMukke thought the same 😂
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    You mean your mouse doesn't have a numpad? :o
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    No offence Microsoft... But your company has been spamming out shit since window 8.
    10 is good... If you're OK with having very little say over what happens to your device anymore.
    Honestly I power down my computer at night, and if there's an update waiting it doesn't give me an option to shut down without updating. Force shutdown is the only way now.
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    It's a feature.
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    What are M$ devs smoking?
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    That must be those gesture controls everyone wants.
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    I don't think this is an bug in windows, rather in your mouse. During handshake, the devices enumerate their capabilities and if both of them support code, they will authenticate for that. If your mouse then advertises support for code without actually supporting code, then it a hw bug.

    Or your mouse actually support code entry, like pressing the mouse buttons or turning scroll wheel. Check your mouse manual.

    Another cause of this can be that you have not put your mouse in pairing mode (normally its holding down a button in like 10 sec), and windows goes for a last-resort instead of completely failing.
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    Try Ctrl-Alt-Tableflip 😂
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    But did you try to click the buttons 53788806 times? Maybe that would work.
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    @siljamicke naah. I dont think that. But the mouse may support like clicking mouse1 5 times, mouse2 3 times, mouse1 7 times and so on.
    Or rotating the scrollwheel like a safe lock. 5 clicks forward, 3 clicks backward, 7 clicks forward etc.

    Theres a lot of methods a mouse manufacturer could implement code entry in a simple device like a mouse, so thats why I advise the OP to check the manual of the device.
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    @sebastian even though I like your creative thinking with the safe type scroll input, I want to clarify that I was just kidding, and I sincerely hope no one tries to click his or hers mouse button that many times... 🤔
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    @sebastian great that's the Morse version?
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    My mouse could actually do this. Logitech g600.
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    @nicnaknic shutdown /f /t 1 all the way right?
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    binary right 0 left 1
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    Exception: Keyboard not found.
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    Your move, windows
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