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I was using linux mint for a while... more like 5 months for work, there's this Touchpad/mouse issue in it that was driving me crazy, so basically the mouse stops responding out of nowhere in the middle of my coding and I have to restart the fucking laptop to get it back. Yeah, I tried all the solutions I could find on the Internet and nothing works.

This issue likes to fucking mess with me so much, it seems to only happen when I absolutely mustn't restart the laptop or I'm working on a task and have a tight deadline and I don't have time to waste restarting my pc.

A couple of days ago, I had this major feature I needed to release to production and the time I estimated for it and shared with my team turned out to be insufficient, so I had to work extra hours from home to finish it ... while I was working, the mouse issue returned and I had to restart my pc like 20 times that day. It was fucking frustrating and It was already midnight and all you can hear are keyboard sounds and fucks flying.

I made a promise to myself that once i finish this task, I'm gonna fucking migrate to another distro, I'm fed up with linux mint's BS. I've been putting up with it for so long it's time to move on.

Yesterday I installed Manjaro and I'm happily working on it today xD.

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    Erf, glad you pulled through, hehe!
    What DE/WM are you using with Manjaro?
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    @Jilano manjaro xfce ,I wanted something lightweight so installing xfce was a good choice, I tried cinnamon before and i found it too slow.
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    Well if you ask me, I would suggest Debian+LXDE+ACoupleOfCustomizations
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    @riteshx95 looks also matter to me when it comes to an OS, i want something to feel nice and work well. Manjaro has the looks and edginess of the almighty Arch linux.
    Debian is so meh to me, it's lightweight but depressing.
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    @rising 👍👍

    BTW you can make it look great too.. by doing some customisations (the way I did)
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    @riteshx95 🤘
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