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    Couldnt agree more, I was a Designer..
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    @jhh2450 ooops
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    All respect but mother of God this thing has been posted on here at least 3 times today.

    I'd like to see some actual content. No offense to the OP by the way!
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    @linuxxx I've got nothing against memes (mainly because I don't follow tech meme accounts on Instagram because the community is full of people begging for likes or people botting and I just dislike Reddit) but damn seeing the same ones over and over is getting annoying.
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    @jhh2450 I don't mind memes as long as they stay below like 5 percent of the total content posted on here. That amount is about 30-40 percent right now I think.
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    Can we stop bumping and hijacking rants with “I hate memes”? Reposts are annoying but rarely ever does someone do it on purpose.

    IMO it’s getting old hearing that and I’ve seen a number of people say that in the past. It also literally does the opposite of what you want it to do. I’ve said this a million times yet people can’t stop themselves from doing it. You’re giving the content more visibility when you comment. It’s as simple as that.

    It’s also a completely misleading statistic about how many memes are posted.

    I curate the weekly content email every single week. This week actually had the lowest amount of memes ever (yes, ever) on the top 50 rants of the week (I count 0, 1 if you include a comic). I like to include at least one image-related rant in the weekly email each week and this week I had to scroll further than I ever needed to in order to find one. Don’t take my word for it - look for yourselves in top rants of the week. Images, let alone memes, are pretty much non-existent.
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    @dfox My apologies, I'll refrain from commenting this kind of stuff further.
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    @linuxxx thanks - and please realize that we value everyone’s opinion, especially yours, but in this format it’s like talking to a wall (I feel like most OP don’t really care if someone tells them it was already posted, not that that’s good, but that’s the reality in lots of cases) and accomplishes nothing, and really negates any downvote.

    Filters which are coming soon will pretty much negate this completely (unless people chose not to use them), and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I personally think the ratio in top weekly/monthly speaks for itself and much of that might have to do with people getting discouraged and ridiculed to not post certain types of content. And I’m not saying I want to change posting/voting behavior, but I definitely don’t want specific voices to dictate what people post beyond the vote that everyone gets to place.
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    @dfox yeah understandable! I was highly annoyed as both my algo and recent feed were about 50 percent memes and I don't like memes so I got that out in this way which isn't the right way.
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