100% focused, balls-deep in the zone, not sure I could have recalled my own name if you'd asked me...
Suddenly out of nowhere, someone's asking me about a job I worked on over a week ago. I'm mostly answering in just a few syllables, struggling to surface from 20 layers of Call Stack.
This goes on for a full 5 minutes before they say, "sorry were you busy?"
No, I was just about to beat Solitaire.
Of course I was fucking busy jesus fucking christ, did you not see all that code and shit on my fucking screen when you suddenly and urgently had to disturb me?

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    @L8NightScience I thought "balls-deep" was an appropriate Valentine's Day metaphor ♥️
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    @wokeRoach I don't wear headphones and am generally quite approachable and happy to offer assistance. But disturbing me to ask about something I worked on more than 45 minutes ago? Out of the question
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    Yeah, I once dismissed my new Team-owner, within the first week of starting new job...
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    @terle2000 People can't expect you to be ready for a full conversation immediately when you're that deep in
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    @pda87 I agree !!!
    I don't think he realises how annoying it can be. I like him tho, but if I stare intensely on a monitor, headphones on and touching the screen, then I'm busy.
    It can't be that hard u know
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    Now this is a rant
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    @terle2000 you one of those fuckers who touches the fucking monitor?
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    @rasm945i Yeah man. If I have to concentrate really hard.
    It's my monitor, I can touch it how ever I like
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    @terle2000 as long as its not mine, youre probably gonna be fine :)
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    @terle2000 wait. I think i somehow managed to comment on the wrong rant mentioning the wrong user. This rant has nothing to do with touching the screen XD
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