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    Happens to me all the time.
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    I hate this!

    Why the fuck do you have to poke me when I'm in solve shit mode!?

    Can you not just sit and think for an extra 10 mins and solve it yourself. Obviously too much to ask -.-

    Nice post :)
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    I cant think properly in office. I need to be able to talk out loud, walk around the room in circles and randomly lay down on chairs in new ways. Office is just no place for that.
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    Hate how often this actually happens... A lot... It happens a lot...
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    @saabye every single time!
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    My life resumed into a meme
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    @D0Tch print it out, and share the truth with the others!!
    Print 100 of them and make paper balls to throw at them when they interrupt 🤣🤣🤣
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    @saabye I might do that! Just put one on each table of the office :)
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    the way we handled it in my internship was with a three way handshake.

    i waved at senior with headphones on,

    senior rose finger indicating he received the request,

    I nodded.

    senior came over after x minutes.
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    The last stage is what I'm usually in. Great meme!
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