Just got accepted to the Google Advanced Android developer nanodegree! Anyone else?

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    Nope, not indian
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    Nope, it's international. I've seen about 40 different flags mostly European. I'm not Indian either so I dunno what he talking about, sounds salty tho
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    @Vitz Nah, not salty.

    It's just that there have been a zillion similar posts recently, all from India. I guess Google launched a thing there or something.
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    Yep 3 months ago there was phase 1 with lots of members now they picked like 10% for phase 2.
    It got Android and web development, actually really nice of them, quality videos.
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    I will never understand why is this better than any random how-to on the internet
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    @BindView I think it's more about the certification. Being able to put on your resume, "Hey look, I'm not just saying I'm an Android developer; I also have Google to vouch for me."
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    @repromancer I never understood what the deal is with all these certs. Everyone seems to chase them but I'm not sure they really matter when applying for a job. I just can't see a the guy recruiting go "oh he has cert X, that means he's good… let's take him".
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    @Froot Yeah, I feel similarly.

    On the one hand, I think it would be nice if recognition for programs like these could finally replace the arbitrary "required Bachelor's in CS" on every job posting. On the other hand, I doubt that any hiring managers who sincerely focus on signals before substance are ever going to see past "higher education".

    I think anyone who would see the value in a private certification would be just as likely to hire you without a degree or certification of any kind, based on your portfolio/real aptitude for the job instead.
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