I see people complaining about their CS professors quite frequently. Meanwhile, my CS professor stays late and is always willing to help us out with our work. I've been to his office twice this week to get help with assignments, and each time he's glad to help.

Oh and he offers us a soda as we get ready to leave. He has a filing cabinet full of can sodas. 100% my favorite professor I've ever had.

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    I’m sure there are lots of profs like that, it’s just that devrant is inherently a place to complain
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    @Japhy Well it's time we highlight the good professors more often lol
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    @jhh2450 None of my professors have offered me soda until now. Some of them aren't as good at teaching as others but they were always willing to explain something again.
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    @Lythenas Its an 8 am class without attendance. I'm willing to get up and actually go to the class for him lol.

    My only issue is the other students hog him when it comes to one on one time in class. And he has somewhere to go after class, so it's kinda hard to get help that day. I've gotten maybe 5 to 10 minutes of one on one time in class. But I don't blame him for other people being needy asf.
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    @jhh2450 not the same, but our teacher made something like a contest once. The first to compute the 90th* Fibonacci (Me) was given pack of M&Ms.

    I did it using an array to cache the computer numbers.
    It took me quite some time to realize that you can compute that number iteratively 😅

    * That's the largest Fibonacci number you can store in primative variables in C
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