Nearly had a crash today driving home and almost had a heart attack. Apparently my car had the heart attack for me and started doing. A speaker test.

So I'm contemplating what just happened and my car's speakers start going BEEEEP BEEEP BOOOOOOOOOOOOP (Subwoofer).

Then the radio came on and switched to a Spanish station.

I looked it up, apparently I had entered diagnostic mode on the infotainment system when I was fiddling with the wheel buttons as a stress relief.

Long story short, the diagnostic mode informed me that my car runs Windows ME!
I would like a new car please, kthxbye.

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    @AlgoRythm i wish. Its a Ford explorer
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    > fiddling with the wheel buttons
    > as a stress relief.

    Never fiddle with any buttons on anything !

    Especially ejector seat controls..
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    Please tell me that car was made before XP
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    @poster983 I have so many questions, I don't know where to begin (.-.)
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    Reminds me one day walking home from school and bump into a traffic light control box, and the door pops open !

    What'cha know, tap it just right, and it pops open, what kind of security lock is that !

    Later on in life, I discover all kinds of things if you knock them just right, do useful stuff. :-)

    I think my favourite was the lift at work, which I drew an X on the door, kick here to restart lift when it jams.

    That was actually told to me by the lift engineer, who was saying he didn't replace the faulty part, because that way he would get called out again to fix it next time..

    This is why you never leave remote controls with dogs..
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