Meanwhile.... Windows can't locate my boot device... Any help

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    1. No flash
    2. That's not windows. Cause if it was, it obviously found your boot device.
    3. Pull the battery for a few seconds and boot again.
    4. Google?
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    Your MBR might be missing.
    You'll need a windows disk to fix it
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    Start from an Windows disk into terminal and run bootrec.exe /fixmbr,
    if it still doesn't boot run bootrec.exe /fixboot
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    @moses Please try this if you are using HP Computer and having Hard Disk Error 3F0
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    Looks more like message from the bios !?

    Check bios settings for boot device order.
    Maybe load a Linux live from an USB to check that the local disk is really working and is accessible and get recognised at all.
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    Definitely try all of the above before actually tampering with the drive itself. Then, if nothing works, check other stuff like any degraded RAID drives that might be breaking your boot sequence. If all else fails, back everything up and redo. Sometimes Windows just gets fucked. I suggest getting into virtualization for easy restores in the future.
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    You should try installing....ah fuck it
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    if its an hp run diagnostics ( it will say everything is fine) and restart a few times
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    The front has obviously fallen off mate. That's not supposed to happen.
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    Have you tried turning it off and on again?
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    install grub using an ubuntu installation disk. you can contact me fir further help
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    Have you tried turning it off and on again?
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    actually turning it off and on again a few times actually works, its a common problem with hp computers.
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    @Yamemori nop... Tried dual booting, and fucked everything.
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