Wellp lately so much shit happened with parents and school that id like to (atleast see my options for) get(ting) a job in order to be independent.

What could work, knowing im a backender, coding in cpp, but open for other langs ?

I have no degree, but my github repos lol

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    look at php, or golang.
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    @calmyourtities *breaks asweat and falls into a nightmare*
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    Being independent is a lot harder than you might imagine.

    Sometimes you waste half your lifetime chasing it, when it would have been more cost affective to stay at home, as you end up back there anyhow if you fail !

    Sadly in life there seems to be no easy choices, at least in hindsight.
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    1. Photoshop
    2. Music
    3. Go for C# like me
    4. Procrastinate
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    Follow the market, and also try to learn
    1. Web development (several languages not only php): Node, React JS ..etc.
    2. Mobile development: Java, Kotlin, Swift, React Native ..etc.
    3. Python and GoLang are great to know
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    > -Think about how you will buy food

    Transport !

    I recommend walking, or cycling if its a long way, with a trailer if you need to carry something large and heavy..

    Else, inline/roller skate wheels are great for moving heavy furniture miles and miles..

    I once moved a double bed 15 miles that way, took me 2 days mind you, but cost less than $1 for the wheels.

    Half of which fell off/wore out on the journey..

    Note, take bodyguards with you, in case like me, someone stole my first bed when I tried that, but the second one, I had two heavies with me to help guard it/me..

    Never underestimate crime..

    Yes, solid steel doors do help protect your stuff !

    And bullet / knife proof jackets, are useful !

    I also recommend bullet proof sunglasses too..

    You never know when a stray bullet is going to hit you in the head..
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    Being independent can be a whole new ball game, if you think living with parents is difficult, wait until folk are petrol bombing your friends place and wandering if that riot coming along the main road is going to reach your place or not.
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    Just make sure the money is there. Look into income based apartments. If you're lucky you can get em real cheap.

    I guess I had a bit of a different experience than everyone else. I got my Dev job, which I went after agressively, right after I got an associates for college. 4 weeks later I moved out of my parents at the age if twenty. No problems since
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    > No problems since

    I remember my girlfriend had a good job, in a big company, that had been around for 99 years.

    Sadly two weeks before Christmas, it never made it to the 100 year mark, and suddenly we was without any income for a year !

    Random things can happen.

    A decade later, still paying back the money I borrowed so we could keep a roof over our heads for that next year whilst the economy tanked, and getting a job was a tad difficult, any job !

    Now, if I'd been living with a relative, who wouldn't mind so much that I couldn't afford rent for a year, things would be different now !
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    @Nanos mate I feel genuinely sorry for you.. Hope you’re doing okay now.
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    Plodding along, at least I'm alive, that's a big plus. :-)

    Yet to get my life sorted out, but working on that one.

    The internet really helps in problem solving !

    Now at least, I have a much better idea of what to do, I just have to do it, and that takes like forever !

    In-between figuring out how to make MS Windows work. :-)

    FX [ Eyes that Raspberry Pi and thinks of future machine upgrades.. ]
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