I would really love a type-safe python - quickly write a script with all the IDE-coddling that a type system can bring, and run/debug it with no compilation.

I'm a big typescript fan but the compile step and all the issues of the node ecosystem are a pain.

Really wanna play with F#'s scripting capabilities but not yet supported on dot net core.

MyPy is somewhat promising but it's slow and not the most ergonomic, library support is still lagging behind, and it's not expressive as a proper type system.

For all the languages we are blessed with these days, it's an odd void.

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    Wait F# not supported on DotNet core?
    I've been learning F# on macOS for a while, unfortunately I did not yet complete their tutorials 😅
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    F# works on dot net core, but only in project/compilation ("normal") mode.
    On windows, you can (apparently, for I have not played with it) write small scripts in .fsx files and have them run/interpreted/JITted/magicked directly.
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    Learn ocaml, its good for scripting and statically typed
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    @BindView OCaml ftw
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    @BindView gonna check it.

    Python allows some kind of typing (x:int =1), but you will need to compile it with Cython to make it really obey types.
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    Julia is the closest thing that comes into my mind. Though it still lack support for some editors
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