Hey all. So I'm a bit of an aspiring developer/engineer. I am in highschool right now and am getting to the point where I should start looking at colleges. Ive wanted to do something computer related and for a while now ive had my heart set on some sort of security engineer/tech/researcher what have you. But it has been pointed out to me that computer sciences often require several high level math courses namely Calc. Problem being I'm pretty bad at Calc and haven't been able to do too well.

I'm not too sure what I should do. I'm struggling with my highschool calc classes and and fear that college level course will just go over my head. Ive never had issues with math before until I got to Calc. Ive got some of the basics of cryptography such as hashes and cryptographic alorithms but thats about it. Do computer science degrees really rely that heavily on Calc?

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    I was bad in higher math classes, but I became a decent software engineer anyway. go for it! you don't have that chance twice in your life. it is in my opinion more important to know what you want than let you impress by "virtual" demands which might or might not be an issue.
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    The higher math courses are generally just a formality of getting any science degree.

    Don't stress over and just cross the bridge when you get there. Stay the course. Colleges will have plenty of tutoring resources/ services to aid you on the way.

    Once you're done with these math classes, I'm 95% sure you won't ever see/use some of them ever again.
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    @2erXre5 thanks mate. This is good hear. I will definitely pursue this as a career.
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    @alvinv11b I kinda figured a lot of it was I nessecary but I just wanted to make sure. I can BS my way through a lot of classes so I figure if I do that for the rough calc classes I should be golden.
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    I think I had a passing grade for math once or twice in my life? I finished my software dev study last year and I'm a Linux engineer now ;)
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    @linuxxx hey thanks for the reply. I didn't see it till now cause my phone was being weird. But thank you for the positive note.
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    @CCTrollz That's alright! I still suck balls at it haha
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