Ad: Entry level developer wanted

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    No-one needs 3 years of experience to write good CSS. I smell bullshit
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    Who needs that many skills with 3 years of experience! Who in the world works with these languages combined!
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    @dontPanic theres always structuring tricks and pre-processors you discover late on usually, atleast that was my experience, so for example something like BEM or SCSS came a lot later than I created things the "old" css way, which even with rules set in teams, can get much more unmaintainable the bigger the project gets.
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    @dontPanic the title was ENTRY LEVEL DEV as well, didn't want to publicly shame the company though. But c'mon. Entry level?!?! Wtf
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    @spoiledgoods yeah, sure. Calm down 8)

    @JoshBent I can agree to that, you got me
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    Reminds me of a dating site, where I had listed 72 interests.

    Usually you never really see anyone else to match you with more than half a dozen if you are lucky.

    Then one day, I came across someone with 50 matching interests !

    But no, they said I had to match all 72 of their interests before they would even consider dating me !

    Talk about extreme pickiness !

    Since then, I think the most matches I've seen has been a 7..

    And that's after I carefully analysed thousands of interests and picked the ones that I'm both, interested in, and have the highest number of other folk interested in them too.

    Not that I now think they really seem to matter that much when it comes to partner choices..

    Not unless one of you love football the other hates it.
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    @Nanos someone with 72 interests? that's scary
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