Big IT consulting company ask us (small web agency) to develop the "html" code for a web app for their client. (They'll want the front-end to implement it in Cordova or other shit tools they use).

I had to use some "includes" in php, for header and footer, because for 50 pages it'll be tedious to edit a thing (the design is not definitive yet) without open all the .html files individually and replicate the edits in all the pages.

We've delivered the package containing all the pages and a "inc" folder for the header and the footer. The pages have the extension *.php

Their pm ask us why we didn't do it in html, since they expected that.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

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    I'd say you didn't meet their requirements. They may have been poor requirements but they only wanted raw HTML to be used and you used php because it was easier. You should have suggested your better way to them first rather than just doing it.
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    Well you could just save the html output then? And just charge way more when they want changes. But keep the PHP version so changes won't take you that much time.
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    @LynxMagnus definitely, but since they are on tight deadlines, I just thought their developer (which I am not in contact with) could be happy with a simple include in order to separate the content (I assumed they use some sort of MVC model for the functionality)
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    @MisterArie yes we'll do like that for sure, so we can avoid a lot of time waste.
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    Maybe try a static site generator like jekyll to output the compiled html files from templates and partials?
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