FUCK. This person who I have to avoid at social gatherings because I find him insufferably annoying is applying to my workplace and oh my God I hope I never have to work with him, at least the company is 700 people so the odds are relatively low?

Uggggg he's the worst. And I'm so easy going. There's like two people I feel this way about (fortunately the other lives in a different city).

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    Let HR know if they've done anything really inconsiderate or if you've struggled to work together in the past. Others will likely have trouble too.
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    @hube Zero chance of that, I'm happily in a long term relationship (today actually happens to be our 7.5 year anniversary!)

    But, I wouldn't be surprised if he has a crush on my best friend. And she thinks he's a fine person, though would never want to date him, which is one of the reasons I can't avoid him entirely, she keeps inviting him to shit.
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    @jschmold @starless Sadly, I don't have any specific incidents to talk about.

    The only specific example I can think of is that I'm EXTREMELY uncomfortable with discussions about drugs. It's a known thing. But this guy just doesn't seem to have gotten the memo and he brings it up so bloody often. Not because he's some heavy drug user, but I think because he thinks it makes himself sound cooler. And I am pretty obvious in that I switch to single word responses to discourage further discussion, have a change in facial expression and voice tone, try to change get the subject, etc but he doesn't freaking get it. It's like... you're 30. There's nothing cool about you saying this would be more fun if you were high, fuck off.

    Other than that, I can't think of any specific examples. He's just annoying and I hate spending time around him and I hate how he has become a part of my social group. It's so perplexing, I'm not even the only one who dislikes him.
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    @Christine constantly making drug references definitely counts as 'unprofessional'. Voice your concerns to HR before he's hired and establish a paper trail. Just mention that he's been very unprofessional in the past.

    Professionals don't make each other uncomfortable. They have other options, let them know this one might have some hidden issues.
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    @starless I've never encountered him in a professional setting, though. He's part of my outside of work social group, so I don't really know how he would behave in an office
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    @starless But good point in that it's important for professionals to be able to recognize when they are making other people uncomfortable. I'm not sure he has that ability, and he'd be coming in as a product manager.
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    I clicked on the rant, just to confirm i was right that a guy did not write this.
    Assumption confirmed.
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    @rasm945i There's another annoying guy I know, from back in college. One of my guy friends turned down an internship, because there would be a -chance- they'd be working together.

    Not something I had to worry about, since they were mechanical engineers, I'm obviously software. But it's definitely possible for dudes to feel this way.
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    @Christine yes it is, but the choice of words and how it was written made me assume it.
    I have felt like that multiple times myself too.
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