As I'm a privacy conscious person and people often call me paranoid, i decided to have a look at the definition of paranoia.

Paranoia appearantly consists of:
- having intense fearful/anxious feelings.
- delusional thinking, thinking that things which aren't true are true.

These are the most common symptoms I could find on every health website.

The interesting part is that neither of those things apply to me... (not delusional either, the things I try to protect myself from are quite real)


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    The last one is kind of hard to decided for yourself.

    I don't think you are paranoid btw.
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    @MisterArie Well, before I believe something I do loads of research, if that research points to that thing being true... I'm not just blindly going to believe it of course.

    Good by the way :P
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    I see tin foil hat associated with you and the people like you a lot. But that's not really accurate.

    The things you are trying to prevent are logical, but the tin foil hat people are very illogical. For example, radio host Alex Jones said something about water turning people gay and that Hillary Clinton was a lizard species or some shit. That...that is tin foil hat in a nutshell lol
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    This says really much about todays world. You have to try really hard to protect your data nowadays. The only thing that makes this behaviour abnormal are all the people who don't care. "My data isn't that valuable" is what i often hear, some don't have the nerve or time to care, and some just want the newest things (internet of shit) and pay with their private data.

    Dealing with this dilemma will keep the software world busy the next decades.
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    There is a difference between; knowing your data is being used & thinking you got a team of 10 NSA/FBI people tracking your live.

    If you think the latter you are a bit paranoid. The first one is just common sense.
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    @MisterArie Good one. I deffo don't have a team of agents looking for me but my data is getting sucked up by multiple agencies and this is very much a fact :(
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    Tbh I find what you do a good thing. People are clueless and tend to blame or make fun just for the sake of it. I was one of those that say: why all that, what's wrong with using social media, until I started reading your and others rants then reading your privacy blog I later found out I was just a noob that needed to wake up
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    I usually think about my privacy and consciously decide where and what for I give my data.
    So I try to keep with the first law of privacy: Data that's not created can not be misused.

    For people who don't care about privacy that may look like paranoid, but it's not.

    And I'm sure that the day will come where people will suffer from thoughtlessly spreading their personal data. And that day I will be smiling, watching those desperate people who thought privacy precautions would be paranoia.

    But nevertheless I enjoy the comfort of things where I need to give my data or even pay with it. I just try to decide if it's worth it, and sometimes just don't do it, even if that means more time and effort looking for alternatives.
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    @MisterArie I have to say, I'm not really worried about NSA wiretapping me or some "intelligence" ninjas hiding behind a bush on the other side of the street. I think for most of my data that wouldn't bother me. Not that I would like it, those organizations and people doing such things are all blithering idiotic dipshits, and if I could, I would prevent that.

    What I'm really afraid of is someone that not only monitors data, but also manipulates it, changing data, control peoples opinions, manipulate things to let people believe in something that's not real, etc. That is the big thing that really scares me, because it can directly affect my life or even change the way of the world, just based on some wrong, made up information. And I assume that in most cases it wouldn't even be traceable.
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    @ddephor but at the moment they start to change data. No amount of privacy can protect you. Because they will just make the data that they are missing.

    And yeah its a scary thought. But as long as people are in control and we do not live in an Utopia. I think these things will keep happening.
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    @ddephor you can say "facebook" out aloud, it's not "the-company-who-musnt-be-named" (yet)
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    Only the paranoid survive...
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    @1989 https://much-security.nl
    But it’s down for maintenance at the moment I’m replying. The log in screen is not what you’re supposed to get.
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    @irene What do you mean with your first comment?
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    @Diactoros @1989 Something is currently fucked up in the nginx configs though so it's not working properly, will work on that one tonight.
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    @irene All you need is one lookup online to see that it is/was being abused here and there. Seriously, just one google/ddg/whatever search engine search query.
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    @irene There often is no such a thing as 'good' or 'bad'. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't avoid certain things because the risk they bear outweighs the benefits by far. Which I definitely consider to be the case in regards to how data is used and abused in our day and age.

    China shows us what the availability of this data can mean if there is a change in environmental conditions. That's why we need safety and privacy measures.
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    @jAsE idk man, idk. He's a bit off mentally lol
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    @matsaki95 i don't get it either. Amazon can see what i buy, paypal too, google knows which sites i visit, and the list goes on...

    Put it all together and you have a mosaic which shows a perfect picture of you, even the sides you dont want others to see.

    But who cares? It's just my data, it's not like a million times this is mass surveilance.

    In the end you cant decide whats best for people, if they want to live that way then so be it
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    Look forward to it. You do the work that I intend to do in ~10 years so I’ll lap up your blog if it’s any motivation.
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    @irene If tools which are technically even illegal make that about a hundred times easier, I think those should cease to exist.
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    @Diactoros In reference to which comment? 😅
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    @linuxxx oh you fixing your nginx server
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    @Diactoros Ohhh! It's ready fixed by now anyways, no clue what was wrong but hey it works 😅
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    *Proceeds to inhale security knowledge*
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    @gitpush @linuxxx privacy blog?
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    @SSDD thanks to his blog and some convos on Riot, I'm improving in this
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    @linuxxx For a very privacy conscious guy, you sure are sharing a lot of your data on a publically accessible website. Also sometimes I feel your "privacy" writings are a bit vague (as in, read from somewhere without bothering to verify it because I find a lack of depth). No offence though, just sharing what I felt.
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    @SupressWarnings I explained loads of times why I chose to do that and won't dive into that yet again, no offense!

    What do you find vague about the posts? Would like to know so I might be able to improve (if I agree) :)
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    @SupressWarnings But, before posting anything anywhere, I carefully think about if i really want to share that, let that be clear.
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