I wonder how often do people share devRant posts on Facebook and Twitter. Have you guys ever?

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    I haven't had a Facebook account for almost 6 months, and haven't used it for about a year.

    Tumblr deleted my account for being too political (and not liberal).

    I do have a Twitter account, but I don't even know what it is anymore 😅 I haven't used it in at least two years.

    So, devRant is the only social media I have now. Totally okay with that.
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    Don't use other social media like the others said.
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    Never had a Facebook account and no. I don't see any reason to share stuff I see here.
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    @Root <-- same as this awesome girl! Except for the tumblr part and I've been rid of fb for about two years now :)
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    I was just wondering. I mean, every time you open a rant, the share buttons come up. Just wondering how often people actually use it.
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    nah not me, i'm enjoying the division :)
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