Sometimes I really hate reading comment section and rants from

"my coworker/senior-dev/manager/boss/professor doesn't know X. I'm so much better and so underpaid"

It's like something is new to you or you didn't know something your mostly a dumbfuck which doesn't deserve his position or shouldn't be there ignoring all the other shit which brought you there. Ignoring a person's background or function. Sometimes this stuff is funny because you think he/she should know X but to call someone dumb/stupid/moron or so just because of this, I'll never get it people must have hughe inferiority complexes or so

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    What else would you expect from developers? Devs are usually inteligent people who are akward in real life but make up for it by playing god in virtual world. Expected result, I'd say.
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    If the only thing he lacked would be technical skills.

    My teacher is a premium version of middle school grammar, grade school technical skills and million dollar CEO ego without shame.

    "Do you use HTML (x)or CSS for your web application?"
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