First Hackathon ends today. Long story short: I was the only programmer of the team, we only had 2 days to develop it (of which we spent the first day doing research, so 1 day of coding), so guess what it's shit.
I basically took a bootstrap theme, hardcoded some data. Put some js on top for interactions and a node js backend, to interface some APIs. Just by looking at the code you'll get cancer, but the others of the team where impressed, how good it looked an worked...

Let's hope the judges aren't familliar with coding as well (our challenge got two judges whereof one works at a bank as some guy whearing a suite and sponsoring stuff... Ao chances should be ok)

Honestly fuck this. Not one team (afaik) has pfoduced anything close to being finished...

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    From my understanding... Hackthon is more like an event for fun than serious competition. My cousin went for food as she said.
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    @Sugar oh yeah, the food and drinks part was nice :P
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    @Sugar I go there for both. But I never wasted time on research, I immidiately started coding, for the minimum presentable thing. It worked out most of the times.
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    @plusgut we where a team of 6, where I was the only coder, as it was open for all students (and they stated you don't need any coding expirience...) so we delivered a "research" project with a small demo.
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    We made it to the final and have to present it later today. I'll post the github link later if you're interested. But as I said, there's a high cancer risk when looking at it :P
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    We somehow won our category. :O
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    @Wack Congrats :)
    Awaiting ur code in Git :›)
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    @Christian1998 well this was my team, but be aware, the code sucks (it's a bootstrap theme and the first time I've worked with webpack... I just threw everything in the index.js file (shame on me...))

    Anyways: https://github.com/ETHBiots2018/...

    On the organisation you find the code of others too and if anyone is interested, I can share presentations to go with the code too.

    Our task was to come up with a solution for tracking and handling alerts. We used MetaMask (without thaz nothing runs) and through that a Etherum Test net... Yeah. Not proud of the code...
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    From my experience of hackathons, they tend to focus on the marketing/presentation more than the tech/coding involved. Usually if you can't pass the first impression test they wouldn't care less about the implementation
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    It's okay to have shitty code for hackathon sake. Hackathon usually judging from marketing, ideas, product, not from techinal side
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