who of you posted that telugu character that crashes the iphone?
Thank you very much i couldn't use devRant for an hour 🙄😤

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    I read in an article that it broke an iPhone 8 and force the user to do a full reset...

    Maybe @dfox (and @trogus) should add a temporarly server side fix in the API to prevent the ability to use that character in a rant/comment/username.
    Just a "replace" or "remove" function in the parser for example.

    We all know that here on devRant some users try some bugs of this kind for fun...

    Here's an article with the character (don't open it on iOS, MacOS):
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    I remember some years ago there was a jpg that would crash a particular browser, I think it might have been Firefox.
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    FX [ Ponders ASCII only mode for applications.. ]
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    @JS96 thanks, added!
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    This isn't the first character causing a mayham... xD
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    i have an iphone 7, viewing the character on the safari browser does nothing ( viewed it on the article that was posted here), copying the character does nothing either, but pasting it crashed the app where is was pasted to, confirmed on devrant, whatsapp and facebook messenger.
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    @Nanos what's up with that FX[] nonsense you post everywhere 😂
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    It's how in the old days of the internet folk would express things, like:

    FX [ Waves in a friendly manner. ]

    You imagine someone waving at you.

    I believe it comes from the land of the theatre/film/etc, short for 'effects'

    Something we used before funny graphic symbols.

    If I use it everywhere, then I don't have to keep adapting to new ways of communicating on different systems.

    Only old folk tend to use it nowadays..
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    @Nanos ha, right. Basically a /me in IRC, or *throws stones at you*
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    @Kimmax hey! no stone throwing in my rant! be nice! and apologise to nanos if he is hurt!
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    FX [ Activates forcefield so stones bounce harmlessly off and fall to the floor. ]

    FX [ Picks up stones and adds them to his rockery.. ]

    FX [ Wonders if he should mention next time, could he have some prettier rocks.. ]
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    today the ios app crashed again after it tried to read the database. After an hour it worked again. 😕
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