I hate my company more and more everyday. 1. Release on Friday afternoon. 2. I should be home but that bitch decided that she wants to change something now, because she forgot to do that before. Of course, this shit cannot wait until Monday.

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    Did you get paid for working overtime?
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    @sunfishcc obviously not. In theory they are flexible and if I would need to go a bit earlier home they are ok with that. I tried to use that but my bosses started to be weird to me. In practice everybody stays overtime and eats lunch in front of the laptop. So I just try to leave after 8 h and leave the office during my break. Anyway, I'm looking for a new internship.
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    @dottedr still in internship? It will be hard to switch to a new job in the next 2 years. Otherwise it gonna be a real challenge to answer why do you quit your previous job. 😫Think carefully. I'm already in this rabbit hole now
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    @sunfishcc I did not get why it would be difficult to switch job in next 2 years.
    My answer to why I want to change my job is that I want to work in a company that will let me to develop. The key is that I know exactly what company I want to work for. I will not quit until I find a place that respects me as well. I'm just sick of working for 'greater good' blah blah. This is business, not charity :).
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